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Serving Maryland Homeowners Since 1999

Bethesda, MD 20827

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Welcome to Vergara Design-Build: Remodeling Maryland's Finest Homes

Serving Maryland homeowners since 1999, Vergara Design-Build, Inc. has established a reputation for meticulous attention to detail combined with strong personal service. Our commitment to our clients' needs has allowed us to retain a very faithful, satisfied client base. We proudly offer the absolute finest renovation experience, within a defined budget range during a specific time frame. This is how we manage to place 100% of our clients on our referral list. Our clients' trust is always honored and rewarded.

Please review Vergara's design/build portfolio, read what past clients have to say about their experience with Vergara Design/Build, and check out our recent news. When you are ready to enhance your home, change your lifestyle, and increase the equity in your home, give us a call us at 301-469-0927 or use our secure online form. Your questions are always welcome.

Paul Vergara
Meet Paul Vergara

Paul Vergara caught the builder's bug early in life. As a teenager, while growing up in New Rochelle, NY, Paul worked during the summer on construction projects, learning the skills of a carpenter. After graduating from the University of Dayton in 1973, where he met his future wife, a Bethesda, MD native, he was hired as a carpenter for a firm building townhouses. Within two years, he was promoted to supervisor.

In 1986, Paul obtained his Home Improvement license from Maryland and began the next phase of his construction career in design and sales. He was employed as a designer by two of the largest home improvement firms in Maryland for 12 years.

In 1999, Paul became a Certified Remodeler (National Association of the Remodeling Industry - NARI) and launched his own firm, Vergara Design Build. Paul continues his professional certification and education: he has obtained the certification for Green Professional (National Association of Homebuilders -  NAHB) as well as Lead Certification, through the US Environmental Protection Agency, for working in homes that may contain lead.

Proud parents of their son who is a mechanical engineer, Paul and his wife, Deborah, have been married since 1989 and live in Bethesda MD. An active member of NARI, Paul is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. While his son was growing up, Paul coached youth sports.

"I have always loved the creative process of building something," Paul said. "When you remodel a family's home, you have the ability to change their lives, make them happier, more comfortable. It's very rewarding work."

Paul also has an appreciation of the collaborative process.

"It takes a team to transform a home," he explained. "The homeowners and the trade folks are all part of that team. From my early years in sports, I learned that the only thing better than teamwork, is better teamwork. I have a great team."

What We Do

Kitchen remodeling increases values in homes in MD

A kitchen remodel is by far one of the best investments a homeowner can make, and the return on investment (ROI) a kitchen remodel might produce is an important consideration. The ROI a homeowner might expect for a kitchen remodel varies, depending on how you spend your kitchen remodeling dollars and the strength of the housing market in your specific area.

Most older-style kitchens can easily be updated without major structural changes. Painting the walls and replacing cabinets might be a starting point. Replacing vinyl flooring with ceramic tile, new countertops, a ceramic backsplash and a double-basin sink are modern kitchen remodeling options many homeowners consider. New appliances might be included in the facelift such as a dishwasher or a drop-in range.

An antiquated kitchen may need to be gutted. New custom cabinets and natural stone countertops become the rule. A kitchen remodel is something the chef of the house wants and deserves. Changing an inconvenient traffic flow and adding state-of-the-art appliances to make gourmet meal preparation possible is every chef's dream.

How much you plan to budget for your kitchen remodel has as much to do with meeting your wants and needs, but also how long you plan to remain in your home. Today's trend to retire in place means many Americans are going to make sure they include the best ideas a kitchen remodel can bring to their decision. When you are planning on staying in your home for more than five years, plan a budget of 15%-18% of the total value of your home. So, if your home is worth $300,000, a kitchen remodel budget of $45,000 is a reasonable investment. It is our pleasure to help you work your way through all the planning, budget considerations, and decisions a kitchen remodel brings.

Montgomery County's premier bathroom remodeler

A bathroom remodel is a very personal thing and is more about comfort and pampering amenities than form or function, though those are also important. Along with a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel is by far one of the best investments a homeowner can make, and the return on investment (ROI) a bathroom remodel might produce is an important consideration. The ROI a homeowner might expect for a bathroom remodel varies, depending on how you spend your bathroom remodel dollars, and again like a kitchen, the strength of the housing market in your specific area.

Keeping in mind that a bathroom is very personal, it is our pleasure to help you work your way through all the planning, budget considerations, and decisions a bathroom remodel brings.

Montgomery County's Custom Home Addition Choice!

When Montgomery County homeowners' need a new addition, they call the talented team at Vergara Design/Build first. The skilled Vergara design team helps Maryland homeowners develop a plan and a budget.

Adding space in the form of an addition is a popular remodel. Home additions come in two varieties: those that go up, and those that go out. When space, lot size, zoning restrictions, and cost are an issue, or when it's an aesthetic choice, a second or even a third story addition is just what the doctor ordered.

When you are not limited to your home's current foot print, when you can extend the perimeter of your home outside the space it now occupies without violating zoning and setback restrictions, then adding out is definitely the addition for you. Regardless whether you need an addition for a family room, new master suite, an in-law suite, a home office, or an extra bathroom, increasing your home's size also adds value to your home.

Design/Build: An efficient, cost-effective construction method

Design/build is a process where an entire remodeling project--from the initial design concepts and budgets to permits, regulations and zoning laws to actual construction and final walk through--are organized and performed by a single entity, a single point of responsibility. That single point is Vergara Design/Build. The efficiency of this process allows for tight control of design and construction costs; management of the construction schedule; and a quick turnaround between design, construction and completion. Design/build prevents remodeling horror stories. When Vergara Design/Build takes on a project, its owner, Paul Vergara, oversees the entire process, ensuring a homeowner or business that the project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Design/build remodeling process

Vergara Design/Build subscribes to the design/build philosophy to ensure a timely, on-budget project. Our process includes:

  • Initial Meeting: We meet with you to evaluate the project's scope and feasibility. We establish your design preferences and needs, and discuss budget constraints and commitments.
  • Design Development: Our team analyzes your needs and preferences, then prepares a rough design concept and ballpark budget.
  • Second Meeting: We review the rough design and ballpark budget with you, listen to your concerns and questions, and review the budget.
  • Contracts signed: If the rough design and ballpark budget meet your needs, a construction contract is executed and a deposit is made. Material selections are made.
  • Final Design and Budget: Based on input from the second meeting, a final design is created and a firm budget established based on material selections.
  • Pre-Construction Meeting: The final design and budget is reviewed. The project manager is introduced to you and day-to-day scheduling and procedures are explained and agreed upon.
  • Construction Phase: Daily contact will keep you fully informed of progress and any unexpected issues that may develop.
  • Punch List: At the end of the construction phase, the project manager will walk through your home with you, noting any small item that needs attention. Once the punch list items are resolved, the project is completed.

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Diane & Alan Cross, Chevy Chase MD says:

Alan and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for transforming our home (and, to a great extent, our lives) in such an extraordinarily competent and gracious way. Upon our first meeting, the confidence and creativity you projected convinced us that we had found our man. Indeed, we solicited no other bids or advice to embark on our renovation. You truly listened to our ideas, injected your own visions and developed plans precisely suited to our needs and budget. The results are beautiful and functional--we wouldn't change a thing. Your team of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, as well as duct and floor men, was outstanding. We were amazed by their competence and attention to detail. They were, at all times, courteous, careful and tidy, always mindful of the disruption to our lives that such an extensive renovation brings. We could not have asked for better. Finally, as creator and supervisor of the project, you were ever-present and accessible. When unforeseen problems arose, you approached them with a "can-do" attitude and never failed to solve them. your good humor and many acts of kindness, as well as your concern for our comfort made the renovation more pleasant than we could ever have imagined. So, Paul, we thank you profusely for our wonderful new kitchen, breakfast room and baths. The process that created them was flawless and the pleasure we derive from them is immeasurable. How lucky we are to have found Vergara Design/Build. We would be honored to serve as references for your excellent work, professionalism and reassuring demeanor. Please call upon us at any time.

Barbara and John Jost, Bethesda MD says:

Dear Paul: It is our first Thanksgiving in our new kitchen, and we love it! We made a great decision in selecting you to remodel our kitchen last summer. Meticulous and creative in addressing our concerns, while keeping within budget, you gave us a schedule for work that proved to be virtually 100% accurate and stress-free (well, almost, it is a remodeling). We were also very impressed with the workman and subs you hired. They were courteous and kept the workplace clean. Amazingly, the normally messy drywall sanding stage was almost dust free! In all our remodeling experiences, this kitchen remodel was by far the smoothest. We are extremely happy with the results and enjoy our new kitchen every day. We would not hesitate to use your services again!

Andrea G., Bethesda MD says:

When we bought our new fixer-upper house here in Bethesda, we dreaded the hunt for a decent contractor who would not swindle us out of the tiny reserves we had left. Then we found Paul, the Pres of Vergara Design Build. He not only does beautiful work, but his rates are very reasonable (he passes along all the discounts he gets to us), and he is the nicest guy in the world. Seriously, he is the kind of guy you just want to sit down and have a beer with! He has stayed on schedule; he shows up at the work site every day; and he practices green contracting... what a rarity! Anyone who is looking for someone to design/remodel/build additions/etc., you really MUST call Paul and at least get an estimate. You won't regret it!!!

JH, North Bethesda MD says:

I really love my new kitchen and basement. Thanks for all your help and guidance selecting our flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc. I appreciated the way you always called and filled me in on progress of work. I will miss having you around so come back quick...

Regula, Potomac, MD says:

Thank you again for the superb job you and your workers did on our family room. It looks better every day as we are starting to put books and trinkets back. Your work is top quality, and you and your workers are easy to worth with.

C&A, Bethesda MD says:

You and all your helpers have done a wonderful job on our project. We love our kitchen and addition. We are lucky to have found you.

George & Regula, Potomac MD says:

Thank you very much again for an excellent job of renovating our kitchen.All your work and workers were first class and we are enjoying our new kitchen very much. You are welcome to use our name as a reference.

Carolyn Hurley, Gaithersburg MD says:

Larry and I would like to thank you, Rollie, Harry and the rest of your team for your help with remodeling a portion of our home. From the moment I first spoke with you on the phone about our project, I felt that you had a very "down-to-earth" approach to the project. You made sure that I knew what I was getting into and that you and I had a good understanding of the scope of the project. As the project moved along, you kept in almost daily communication with me about what had been done and what we needed to do next. Even when we ran into those unanticipated "snags," you worked with me to find good solutions. Every problem or concern I had was rapidly addressed. Harry did a great job with the intial teardown and the project moved along at a good pace. We can't speak highly enough of Rollie's attention to detail and his hard work in making the project look just terrific. I wish I could accomplish as much as he does in a day. Now that the project is finished, we have moved back into the remodeled space and we are really enjoying it. We really appreciate all your hard work and the quality of the finished project.

Marc Bruce Toplin, Potomac MD says:

Thanks for a job well done. We've given your name to a lot of people. I hope they are as lucky as we have been through this project. However! and this is huge. The job isn't finished. You promised a Bruce CD and I'm holding you to it! We're looking forward to having you over. All the best...PS: I'll make the meatballs!!

BR & MR, Bethesda MD says:

We wanted to let you know how much we love our new addition and kitchen. It is true that a kitchen can be the heart of the home and the family. So it is with our new addition and kitchen. We look forward to coming home after a long hard day in the office to our relaxing and beautiful new rooms. Thanks to your design, with the kitchen completely open to the sunroom and second family room, we can be with our family and friends while preparing meals for gatherings. The rooms add warmth and personality and provide us with a place where everyone loves to gather. The sun filters in with the large windows, and the cathedral ceiling and open design allows a feeling of spaciousness yet a sense of being closely integrated into all activities. It is a wonderful place to read, study and relax with the view of the outdoors and the wildlife seeming to be just a arm's length away. In sum, the addition and new kitchen have give us a whole new house - someplace in which we can enjoy living for many years to come. What made it this way is your attention to the innumerable details that go into such a project and your devotion to quality. We were so very impressed with the individuals that you had work on the project...we appreciated their own attention to detail and craftsmanship. The quality far surpasses that found in multi-million dollar homes - but now of course, ours looks like a million too! Working with you was exceptionally easy. You are superb in taking care of all the details and ensuring that any concern of question was promptly addressed. We never had a worry about the job - which was a godsend to us. It is the most for which anyone starting such a project could hope. We knew what to expect on the budget and we appreciated you working with us to find ways to cut costs when needed. So now that all is done: it was quite an adventure, but quite worth it.

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